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About Asma's Designs

At Asma's Designs, we bring enchantment to every celebration – from timeless wedding ceremonies to grand events for all occasions. With over two decades of industry expertise, our focus extends to South Asian weddings, specializing in Afghan and Indian decor. However, our creativity knows no bounds, and we take pride in designing for diverse cultural and ethnic celebrations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Immerse yourself in opulence with our exquisite event rentals. Our adept team of florists and designers meticulously craft bespoke florals, enchanting backdrops, captivating tablescapes, and every intricate detail to transform your unique vision into a breathtaking reality.

Whether you're planning a party, corporate event or any cultural wedding, Asma's Designs is your ultimate destination for unparalleled event design. Elevate your celebration with our touch of magic.

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